How much does it take to build an app?

How much does it take to build an app?

Building an app is a new experience for many people. Starting something fresh can be scary if you don’t have a guide, be that a game like Drift Hunters or a financial app. Questions regarding the process, the payment, and delivery may startle you. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed about it. However, you can equip yourself with the necessary resources for the app development process by conducting proper research.

The cost to benefit analysis of building an app

According to stats, creating an app can take approximately $40,000 to $300,000 depending upon the complexity, features, security protocols, and many other factors. Following is a guide to understanding the pricing system for building an application.

Types of applications

There are many categories of applications. The specification can be a mobile app, web app, retail app, social media app, eCommerce applications, and many more. There are sub-categories available as well. For example, data-driven apps, device apps, functionality apps, custom utility apps, and gaming apps are the sub-divisions of mobile apps, etc. Each category has different features that contribute to the cost. So, when you plan on developing an app, you must be sure of what you want. We suggest using app builders like that have flexible payment options for all categories of applications. Additionally, their eCommerce app is free.


The fundamental factor that contributes to the pricing system is the complexity of the app. There can be simple apps, basic or complex custom apps. Simple apps are the ones that are usually pre-installed on devices. For example, a calculator, camera, torch, etc. They cost around $40,00 to $60,000.

The basic apps include Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Media Player. The price ranges from $60,000 to $150,000. Complex apps are applications that have customized features like social media and gaming applications. The design and features of a complex app will be very different from a simple app. Hence, they are the most expensive, beginning from $300,000. Customized apps have features like authorization, GPS location, 3rd part integration, user profile ad, push notifications- that increase their price. However, uses their AI assistant ‘Natasha’, to predict the overall cost of your application, taking into account all your demands before initiating the process.

 Development Partner

The most crucial part is choosing your development partner when building an app. Once you have decided to build an app, it is time to choose who you would want to develop with. There are different types of people you could hire- big corporations, freelancers, or app builders. The best way to go about this is the choice of app builders because this fits right in their domain. While making a development partner choice, it is smart to look for a budget-friendly option. However, it is equally important to consider a development partner who delivers quality services. Independent contractors may cost less but the risk of not completing the app in time or not getting a quality product will always remain. Instead, if you choose app builders, you can access their proven track record and save yourself a lot of headache and money beforehand. provides you with their client history so you may access it and satisfy yourself before making any decision. Furthermore, they have different features available depending on your requirement. Studio Rapid develops apps when you want an app on an urgent basis. Builder Studio gives you the ease of no-code app builders and the flexibility to custom remember that you need just without the massive price. They have additional management tools like Cloud One, Cloud Wallet, and Cloud Control. They optimize your usage and use artificial intelligence to provide you with the cheapest solutions while maintaining your quality. By uploading a bill on their website, you can learn how much you can save off.

Remember that you can find the apt answer with good research, no matter how tricky it may sound to initiate an app development process. In a saturated market, one must weigh the pros and cons of the available options and make the right decision. is a development platform that offers excellent app development services.

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