How Did Covid Affect Students?

How Did Covid Affect Students?

In the year 2020, the whole world faced an epidemic that troubled us all; the impact of Covid-19 has happened worldwide. From students to elders, everyone has come under the grip of this epidemic. Circumstances happened during that time; we were all locked inside the houses. The children were neither able to go to school nor go to any office or any shop. But all this has a left different effect on our children.

On the one hand, children got one year’s vacation, and on the other hand, their studies suffered a huge loss. Because of this, there has been a lot of impact on the students’ studies. Earlier students used to depend on books for their studies, but now children complete their studies through mobile or should I say that they now use only mobile to complete their studies. It is straightforward to study from a mobile, and it is very beneficial because children get more knowledge than books but Do children use mobiles only for their studies? Along with studying on mobile, children do many things that keep their attention away from their studies.

It has happened to those children who have mobile phones, but what about those who do not have mobiles and still want to study. Have we wondered how they must have completed their studies during the pandemic? Due to this epidemic, many poor children had to leave their studies in the middle because they did not have the means to study. We had ignored all these things thinking that it is not a big deal, but if we think about it, it is a big problem, children are the future of our country, and this pandemic has had the most significant impact on our future.

Impact of covid on children’s studies:
  • Due to the school holiday during Covid, there has been a massive loss of education. Children have lost their reading habits, due to which they are unable to read much now. Not only this, during the online exam, the children gave the exam without studying and also passed.
  • Due to this epidemic of covid, many children got their names cut from school because their parents could not pay their school fees due to work being stopped.
  • The children need to play outside, which will improve their growth even more, but due to this epidemic, they cannot play outside and play games on the phone after playing at home.
  • Due to covid, children are getting away from people, they spend more time on the phone than with their friends, they have made many friends online, but they forget the friends who live in front.

Even at the time of this epidemic of covid, the teacher did not give up their duties and taught the children online by working very hard, so much so that many teachers also took training on how to conduct online classes, and then they taught the children. And in this challenging time, the school management has done a lot of good work for the students by using the best school management software, and software for school management is handy. It keeps the sari details of the students safe with them online and pays attention to the students’ performance. Although the situation is improving now, things are getting back to normal in their place; slowly but surely, the children have started going to school, and we hope that after some time, we hear the sound of children jumping from their school playground. All the damage caused to their studies should be compensated for those students who want to go abroad for studies; they can also complete their studies.

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