Guide to choose facial scrubs for your skin type

Guide to choose facial scrubs for your skin type

Scrubbing is an essential part of skincare regimen. But their purposes and usage are a little different from other skincare products. With new and advanced formulations,exfoliators now are better than ever and ready to make your skin glow like never before.

Let us find out everything you need to know about the scrubs for face.

What does scrub do?

The main purpose of scrubs is to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation means the removal of dead skin cells and impurities which stay there on your skin. Proper exfoliation will help eliminate clogged pores, dirt, grease, and dead skin cells.

Benefits of exfoliants

  1. The primary purpose of scrubs is to clean the dead skin cells off your face. These are the dead cells that do shed off automatically with time. Regular exfoliation will make your skin clear and glowy.
  2. Improve collagen production

Collagen is the protein responsible for bright skin. It also contributes to the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, it promotes skin elasticity. Long-term use of scrub will lead to active and better collagen production.

  1. Help in moisture absorption

As scrubs exfoliate your skin, it unclogs your pores and uproots the ingrown hair. With open pores, it becomes much easier for moisturizers to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.

  1. Bright and smooth skin

Scrubs ensure that you get bright, blemish-free, even skin. They remove the dead skin cells and clean the colgged pores from deep within. Exfoliators also lighten the dark acne marks too.

How to use scrubs

  • Wash your face with a mild facewash that suits your skin.
  • Use an alcohol-free toner.
  • Next, pick a facial scrub matching your skintype.
  • After messaging in round motion for 30 seconds, rinse off.

When to use a scrub

Scrubs should not be used daily. Daily use of scrubs and exfoliators will leave your skin harsh, dry and irritated. You can use a facial scrub twice a week. But if you have extremely oily skin, use scrubs as often as possible.

So, which face scrub is for you?

There are many options to choose from regarding face scrub for women. But you must choose the scrub based on your skin type. The condition of your skin decides how much your skin can handle.

Let us tell you what works for your skin.

Sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, which reacts easily from coming into contact with products, you should ignore any product containing harsh chemicals. Products usually containing BHA are less irritant for sensitive skin. So, you can try such products out.

Normal skin

Normal skin is unblemished and resistant to irritation. Many people who consider their skin “normal” discover they can use any exfoliating method or product without suffering any negative side effects. The choice ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Dry skin

Dry skin is brittle or flaky. AHAs, like glycolic acid, can penetrate the top layer of your skin, enabling your moisturizer to hydrate your new skin cells.

Things you should know before Scrubbing

crubbing is different from skin-cleaning methods. This is why there are some precautions you should abide by. Here are things you should avoid when it comes to scrubbing:

Avoid sunbathing

As exfoliation opens up pores, you should avoid exposing yourself to scorching light. Freshly exfoliated skin might experience irritation when contacting sunlight.

Avoid over-exfoliation

Exfoliation will make your skin soft and even, unclogged pores and remove stubborn dirt and grime. Over-exfoliation will make your skin easily irritated and might even cause burning sensations. But make sure that you don’t over exfoliate. Over-exfoliation will make your skin easily irritated and might even cause burning sensations.

Lotus Herbals Exfoliators Range

Back when these modern scrubs were not all that common, people used to rely on natural scrubs. Natural ingredients like sugar, sea salt and coffee have always been the top favourites.

In Lotus, we too focus on herbal solution for skincare. These products are free from harsh chemicals and contain nourishing ingredients for your skin. Here are some of our exfoliators that will give you the luxurious experience it deserves.

Lotus Herbals Probrite Active Complex Illuminating Radiance Exfoliator

Equipped with ‘Probiotic Active Complex’, these gentle exfoliators are meant to illuminate and brighten the skin tone by removing grime and dead skin cells.

Lotus Herbals WHITE GLOW Skin Brightening Oatmeal & Yogurt Scrub

This scrub contains oatmeal and yogurt, which are excellent natural exfoliators. This scrub helps to achieve glowing, soft skin.

Seasoned in beauty and skincare, we have been a keen observer of how the awareness about skincare products has been shifting. Going green is definitely a significant part of that awareness. So, why wait? Try out  your first herbal facial scrub, now!

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