Exploring the Top Indian Exporters in the Home UPS and Inverter sector

Exploring the  Top Indian Exporters in the Home UPS and Inverter sector

Now inverters and UPS are in high demand all over the world. In this modern age, many inverters are traded around the world. The export of inverters is almost 240.25 USD million. A report revealed that almost 141 nations import UPS from India. Moreover, people also export UPS batteries at the rate of 478. Almost 54 exports export batteries to 94 buyers. If you are interested in UPS export, then you need to consider some factors.

These may be the state of export, purchasers and importers around the world, export guidelines and taxes applied from India. Read our expert guide about the top companies and internal exporters of Home Inverters and UPS.

List of Best Indian Home Inverter and UPS Exporters:

The following are some famous companies that export UPS from India:


Su-vastika is the best exporter company for inverters and UPS. The company is recognized by the Government of India. Due to its hard work, it gained much fame in this industry all over India. It has a strong association with many other companies. These include Tata, Adani, Raheja and many others.

The company is well known because it provides several innovative power backup solutions.  The batteries of this company can be charged through the grid or solar power. This company is the best power backup products supplier with a reputable reputation. All the products of this company are outstanding and meet consumer needs. These are affordable and cut carbon emissions. Commonly, this company export inverters of 5 kVA to 1000 kVA.

Kunwer Sachdev is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in India. He is the founder of Su-Kam.

After running the company successfully for 3 decades, he had to step down and move away from the brand Su-Kam due to unfortunate circumstances.

He is known as the Inverter Man of India and Solar Man of India because of his contribution to expanding inverters and solar techniques. The company Su-vastika that he is mentoring is not only famous in India, but it is expanded in the Middle East and Africa.

The following are some products that the best company Su-vastika sell. These listed systems are some of the most highlighted and best products provided by Su-vastika.

Energy Storage Systems: 

This grid system is the best support available 24/7. It provides frequency and voltage support. This system is the best option for the integration of electric vehicles and renewable energy into the distribution grid. The technician can install these systems underwired in home and working areas.

Energy Storage Systems

Emergency Rescue Devices: 

It is an installed mechanism that may help when power is short. As a result, it restricts the performance of the lift. In case there is a power shortage. You can use this system by installing it in the three-phase power supply. These rescue devices are best for homeowners who don’t want to experience power shortages.

Emergency Rescue Devices

LiFePO4-based batteries: 

This battery is made of lithium-ion and is based on LiFePO4 technology. Lately, LiFePO4 is becoming popular in the battery and electric industry. The battery requires low voltage and energy to operate. Moreover, this battery has a low discharge level, and it is the safest among all other batteries. These batteries have come along with a warranty for the best user experience.

LiFePO based batteries


It is another amazing export company in India. The inverters of this company are based on solar energy. These have a power management technique. Moreover, the inverters of this company are efficient and compatible with Thin Films and Modules. These inverters can work in 690 KW, 720 kW and 1.30 MW power ranges. Moreover, this inverter has low voltage. The plus point of this UPS is its 25 years lifespan.

Delta Power Solutions India Pvt Ltd

It is a grouped company with many groups of Deta Electronics and Delta Power. Moreover, thus the company has a 100% subsidiary. This company is most famous all over India. It has almost 8 offices and 100 channel partners. The company is certified with ISO 9002:2001, ISO 14002:2005, and OHSAS 18002:1998 standards.

Microtek International Pvt Ltd

It is another leading export company of UPS in India. The company make sure to use the latest manufacturing methods. It also makes sure to have advanced machinery. The network of this company is very vast and has almost 306 service locations. Moreover, it has almost 55 service centres and more than 1000 committed dealers.

Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd

It is another amazing inverter exporter company with incredible edges. The company is eco-friendly for the power industry. The segments of this company are almost three. These include engineering contracts, power backup solutions and metering solutions. Besides, this company also offer many other benefits. These may be forward and backward integration, manufacturing of tools and automated SMT. The company is full of expert engineers and uses the right assembly method.

Lento Industries Pvt. Ltd

This latest and outstanding company make sure to use the latest techniques to produce many products. These may be inverters, UPS, lift backup systems, LED, solar power and motor-based products.

Amara Raja Electronics Ltd

This exporter company is the latest and aims to manufacture the latest electronics and power stations. It makes sure to produce durable consumer products. The company has almost 20,000 manufacturing capacity. This exporter company help to market the consumer solution.

Aplab Limited

The products of this company are advanced and outstanding. These may be UPS, inverters, solar power, fault tools, banking automation and other instruments. This company is advanced, with many sales and operations in almost 50 cities in India. This company is famous all over India because of its products, moral character and engineering techniques.

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