What Are Emordnilap Words?(Reverse Words)

What Are Emordnilap Words?(Reverse Words)

An emordnilap is synonymous with the terminology ‘reverse spelled words’ and sometimes referred to as reversed pair. These are the words that can be read forwards and backwards. It is basically a palindrome spelled backwards but Emordnilap words are spelled differently from forward and backward angles, irrespective of the spelling of that word.

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What are Emordnilap words (Reverse Words)?

The newly invented term ‘Emordnilap’ is like a palindrome evil twin. Since palindromes are much easier to judge because all you have to do is to reverse the word and it must sound exactly the same. For Example, dad, civic, madam, refer, etc. But in the case of Emordnilap, we get a whole new spelled word after reversing the order of letters. It consists of rare words for example, lived-devil, avid-diva, brag-grab, etc.
Now you might have got the basic idea of Emordnilap words, now let’s jump to examples and comparison tables for further clarification of this term.

Comparison Table

Emordnilap is also known as ‘Semordnilap’. The following comparison table lists almost all Emordnilap words in alphabetical order:

Ave – Eve Ate – Eta
Avid – Diva Brag – Grab
Bats – Stab Dab – Bad
Deb – Bed Dew – Wed
Doom – Mood Deeps – Speed
Desserts – Stressed Denim – Mined
Diaper – Repaid Doc – Cod
Dot – Tod Drawer – Reward
Dub – Bud Edit – Tide
Era – Are Mad – Dam
Evil – Live Faced – Decaf
Flog – Golf Flow – Wolf
Gal – Lag Gals – Slag
Gab – Bag Garb – Brag
Gum – Mug Keep – Peek
Laid – Dial Leg – Gel
Maps – Spam May – Yam
Mid – Dim Mug – Gum
Nab – Ban Naps – Span
Nip – Pin No – On
Nod – Don Nuts – Stun
Pan – Nap Part – Trap
Pay – Yap Peels – Sleep
Pins – Snip Pit – Tip
Plug – Gulp Pool – Loop
Pools – Sloop Rat – Tar
Rats – Star Rail – Liar
Reed – Deer Regal – Legal
Revel – Level Reviled – Deliver
Remit – Timer Room – Moor
Sag – Gas Sinned – Dennis
Slag – Gals Slap – Pals
Sleep – Peels Sloop – Pools
Snip – Pins Snub – Buns
Snug – Guns Sports – Strops
Spots – Stops Spoons – Snoops
Stab – Bats Star – Rats
Step – Pets Stew – Wets
Stool – Loots Stun – Nuts
Sub – Bus Sward – Draws
Tab – Bat Tap – Pat
Tang – Gnat Ten – Net
Tip – Pit Tips – Spit
Time – Emit Ton – Not
Top – Pot Trap – Part
Tub – But War – Raw
Ward – Draw Was – Saw
Won – Now Yaw – way

Why Emordnilap words are quickly gaining stream?

Emordnilap is a term which is newly minted word and not yet recognized by lexicons (dictionary or vocabulary of the language). Although, palindromes are not far cry from Emordnilap words, but still there is no Wikipedia research written for Emordnilap words.
The long and short of this research is that as new vocabulary and slangs are added in dictionaries and used in daily life, more chances are that ‘Emordnilap’ will be recognized due to gaining a lot of attention.

Are Emordnilap and Semordnilap Real Words?

‘Emordnilap’ and ‘Semordnilap’ are actually not real words to be adopted by the dictionaries and lexicons (as described earlier). But as a matter of fact, one could use those two terms in daily life.
Also, various reverse names of these reverse spelled words have not made to the recognized dictionaries yet. For Example, the term ‘Levidrome’ is considered not real enough to be adopted by dictionaries.



What Are Emordnilap Words?(Reverse Words)
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What Are Emordnilap Words?(Reverse Words)
An emordnilap is synonymous with the terminology ‘reverse spelled words’ and sometimes referred to as reversed pair.
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