Easy on the Eyes: The Best (and Gentlest) Way to Remove Eye Makeup

Easy on the Eyes: The Best (and Gentlest) Way to Remove Eye Makeup

The global eye makeup market was worth $14.52 billion in 2018.

Eye makeup plays a crucial role in the look of a person’s makeup. Whether it’s something understated or something bold, makeup helps pull the look together. The most common features in eye makeup are eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow.

The problem with eye makeup is that the skin around the eye is so sensitive, so you’ve got to be careful about how to remove eye makeup. Otherwise, you risk damaging the skin or infecting your eyes.

Keep reading to learn how to properly remove eye makeup.

Wash Your Hands

This is a small but important step in keeping your eyes safe. Make sure you’ve washed your hands with soap before touching your eyes.

If you don’t do this, you risk bringing dirt or bacteria into contact with your eye.

Apply Makeup Remover

The best eye makeup removers to use are either oil-based like the Clinique eye makeup remover or an oil-free eye makeup remover like micellar water.

Place some of the eye makeup remover on a cotton pad or soft washcloth. These materials are tested to make sure they’re safe for contact with the skin around the eye.

Using gentle motions, wipe the eye makeup remover over your skin. Remember to keep your eyes closed! Even though the remover shouldn’t damage your eyes, it’s still going to be uncomfortable if it gets in them.

Be careful to avoid excessive scrubbing, and give the remover a chance to bind to the makeup so it can remove it. It takes even longer if the makeup is waterproof.

Never Leave Eye Makeup On

Sometimes the process of removing makeup properly seems like too big a commitment. This could be because you’ve just got home after a long day or a night out, or you feel sick and don’t have any energy.

Or maybe they’ve run out of eye makeup remover and don’t have any other option. But if you don’t remove your makeup, it damages your skin and can cause eye infections.

This is why eye makeup remover wipes are the best alternative. These wipes are soaked in eye makeup remover, so you simply need to pull one or two out of their packaging and wipe them across your eyes.

It’s always best to stock up on these in case of emergencies. View these eyelid wipes for more information.

After Removing Eye Makeup

As with any skincare routine, once you’ve removed your eye makeup, you’ve got to moisturize.

The makeup and the chemicals and water used in removing makeup all dry out the skin. To keep it looking fresh and healthy, always apply a moisturizer that is safe for the eye area.

Remove Eye Makeup Safely

Knowing how to remove eye makeup safely will keep the skin around your eyes in a good condition. Play around with eye makeup removers, and see which ones work best for you.

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