Different Apps You Can Use to Compose Music Using iOS Devices

Different Apps You Can Use to Compose Music Using iOS Devices

Music has always been one of the best sources of entertainment and healing for tons of people around the world. Music composition is a task in itself, where musicians, vocalists, and songwriters have to sync every ingredient at hand and create something fantastic. Musicians create bits of music and blend every piece bit by bit and create a tune that resonates with the entire song. For this, they learn every instrument, different notes, and chords to keep all things in place. 

In the current age, you must have seen that movies have background music that tells the audience about the mood of the scene and the actors. Imagine, the music of the movie doesn’t sync with the scene. For instance, if there is a creature approaching the character, very dark and deep music will add more to the scene. Likewise, if there is a funny scene in the movie, adding a funny musical theme will add more to the fun part of the performance. There are so many outstanding sound effects, music videos, and instrumentals that get so many views. This alone explains that music is the soul of the movie and every scene there is. 

Apart from that, music is all around us. It is considered the healer of the soul and many therapists recommend listening to music and going to sleep as it relaxes your mind. You can find some super relaxing meditation music clips that you can listen to and get a peaceful sleep.

There are so many apps that you can download on your iOS and Android devices and create some cool music by yourself. Download such apps using WOW Packages and bundles that make things stay within your budget and get you the best speeds so that nothing gets in between you and your creative skills. For now, let’s get you acquainted with a few easy-to-use apps available for iPhone users: 

BandLab – Music Making Studio

This is a free-to-use app that can help you record music and also works as a social music creation platform. You can create and share music regardless of your proficiency level and use the app’s multi-track Mix Editor to record, edit and remix music, create some awesome beats and do so much more. One can use loops and samples available in the app’s royalty-free sound packs from different genres including dubstep, EDM, dubstep, rock, rap, and others. The app offers unlimited cloud storage where you can create and store your music and access your stored files using almost all devices. 

You can use the app’s networking features, where you can make new friends, go for music collabs and even start your very own band. All in all, the app is a cool blend of some really amazing features that can help you in almost every aspect of music creation.  

App Store Rating: 4.8
Score Creator: compose music

This is another music composition app that is designed for people who use mobile platforms to compose music and is very simple to use. It is also a very powerful music composition tool that can help you write music while you are traveling. This can be very helpful for people who might be having some creative juices coming up when they are on the bus or when they are traveling. One of the best things about the app is that you save a lot of time by avoiding the usual drag and drop or tapping and zooming on the screen. 

Composers can add a music note or a chord symbol from the palette if you want to add a sharp or flat sign. While using the app all you need to do is write your song by tapping the notes and chords that you can input using a text-like keyboard. This might seem to you like texting a friend or typing a message. Some cool features offered by the app include transposing songs into keys, changing the clef, time, and tempo in the middle of a song you are working on, and so on. Also, once you are done with creating the perfect music piece you can import songs from MIDI & MusicXML files, export them as PDFs, export audio, use iCloud Storage, and so on. 

App Store Rating: 3.7

This is one of the default apps that you can find on your iPad or the iPhone as a default app that can help you use a wide range of Touch Instruments and just like in a recording studio. You can use the app to create music while you are traveling and use features like Live Loops, which can make you feel like a DJ composing music and blending in different instruments. You can create beats., and play a guitar, and keyboard like a pro. 

You can create your own grid or start with available templates and compose using Apple Loops, plug in a guitar or bass, and play through the classic amps. Also, you can record your performance and get support for around 32 tracks and download more instruments, sound packs, and loops using the Sound Library. This comprises of different contributions made by different producers from around the world that you can follow as well. Once you get things going, you can share your composition with your friends and family as well. 

App Store Rating: 4.1
Figure – Make Music & Beats

The app is very useful to create some amazing music masterpieces in a moment. You can use the app to create an addictive beat while you are waiting for your bus or train or when you are sitting alone in a park or in your room. It is intuitive enough for beginners and helps them create music within seconds. This doesn’t mean that they have to compromise on the music quality or elements that they want to put in their music. 

All it takes is a few slides on the play pad and record and tweak in some catchy beats, melodies, and fat bass lines. Some key features of the app include a pro-level interface and output, and an easy-to-learn user interface. You can create complete sets of songs with drums, bass, and melodies and even manipulate songs as well. If that was not enough, you can  add some cool and exciting effects to your song using easy XY-automation and so on. 

App Store Rating: 4.3

The app is one of the music creation tools that is inspired by a rack-mount synthesizer and is optimized for different smart devices that you use today. You can create your rack and add around 14 machines that range from Subsynth, BassLine, PCMSynth, PadSynth, BeatBox, and many others. While using the app, you can use the app’s Effects rack that can support 2 effects per machine, supports automated recording, and includes some powerful editors to modify different automation curves. All of these and so many other features are available when you are using the app to compose your music. 

App Store Rating: 4.0

In the end, one can say that there are so many apps that can help you create some amazing music pieces. This means that you are not required to be a “Master Musician” to get things done. All you need to do is select the right iOS app for yourself and compose some outstanding music like a pro. 

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