Diamond Jewelry in 2022: 10 Trends to Nurture

Diamond Jewelry in 2022: 10 Trends to Nurture

Love is a dangerous game. Love for lab-grown diamonds is more so. The women who have a busy lifestyle and an undying love for diamonds are compelled to wear something elegant and trendy.

If something is always in trend, it’s diamond jewelry. But some of them are trendier than others in 2022. Despite their increasing popularity, most diamond jewelry in 2022 isn’t updated enough to suit the dynamic generation of today. So, here are the top 10 trends in diamond jewelry that you want to nurture this year:

1.  Fleur Diamond Ring

Housing 14 lab-grown diamonds, fleur diamond rings are one of the top trends from the past decade that is coming back in 2022. The majestic diamonds in the fleur rings are connected through a single prong that gives it a vision of continuity and love forever.

The most popular fleur diamond rings house a total of 3/8ct of diamonds divided between the 14 gems. Although the choice of metal falls upon you, the sparkling diamonds are best complemented by 18K rose and white gold.

The price of a fleur diamond ring with average color F/G and clarity of SI1 falls somewhere between $940 and $1330 depending on the choice of metal.

2.  Della Solitaire Ring

Della solitaire rings house a massive center diamond that’s held by the structure of the ring with neatly designed prongs showing up above the diamond. The della rings may also contain two smaller diamonds on the sides depending on the design you choose but the essence of a solitaire ring persists. The finish of the rings is mostly smooth with options to hold diamonds in shapes of cushion, oval, and round.

The ring itself, as the diamond, is exceptional by all means. The almost hexagonal design inside the ring perfectly complements the shape of the diamonds. Although platinum looks best in della solitaire rings, white and yellow gold also finds their charm in this setting.

Della Solitaire Ring

3.  Trellis Diamond Ring

Trellis diamond rings are very different from solitaire rings. Although some of them might house a center diamond, the most prominent ones can be described as pave rings without the huge centerpiece. The slick trellis ring is coming back in trend because of the focus on minimalism in 2022.

The trellis diamond rings house multiple (optimally 20) small diamonds secured by prongs throughout the whole ring. The delicate trellis detail on the profile creates a perfect pairing with classic prong-set diamonds to enhance the confidence of the wearer despite the brittle look it has.

4.  Classic 3ct. Tennis Bracelet

Nothing to see here. Just a bracelet with marvelous classic timeless diamonds encircling the wrist of your loved ones. The classic tennis bracelets can be worn with anything and everything that you may have in style. Housing a total of 65 diamonds, the classic 3ct. tennis bracelets complement any event and parties that you’re looking forward to.

Only available in white and rose gold, this classic piece of aristocracy comes anywhere in the range of $1700-$1800 for lab-grown SI-quality diamonds.

5.  Emerald-Cut Tennis Bracelet

Different in the diamond shape from classic bracelets, emerald-cut tennis bracelets hold 56 emerald-cut diamonds throughout the bracelet to radiate a royal shimmer your girl needs. The emerald-cut bracelets look much more royal than classic rings but are equally expensive. The same size and quality diamond in emerald cut rings can reach 5X the price of a classic diamond ring.

The price difference is due to the cut of the diamond. To make an emerald-cut diamond, much more materials are used in the production. Thus, the expensiveness.

6.  8ct. Cluster Top Diamond Bracelet

Well-known for their exceptional demeanor, cluster top diamond bracelets house a whooping 234 lab-grown diamonds making 8ct in total diamond weight. The small diamonds are fixed in a cluster of diamonds that are held together by the metal ring itself.

The clusters of the diamonds collectively take an oval shape that gives out the impression of them being huge diamonds. The small diamonds making it seem like huge centerpieces brings down the cost of the bracelet without sacrificing its exclusivity. A nice 8ct. Cluster Top Bracelet can reach up to $5000 depending on the number of diamonds.

7.  1/2ct. Solitaire Pendant

Solitaire pendants are making a comeback in the diamond jewelry trends in 2022 due to the increasingly busy lifestyle of women.

A 1.2ct diamond solitaire pendant gives them the edge to wear it with anything anywhere with plunge necklines. The growing love for diamond pendants may also allow you to wear multiple solitaire pendants of different sizes to stack over each other.

8.  Enchanted Diamond Pendant

Enchanted diamond pendants are much more royal than solitaire pendants. With three diamonds connected in a more popular triangular shape, or any shape that elevates the diamonds, the enchanted pendants make an impact that lingers longer. This timeless addition to your jewelry collection will make your wardrobe enhanced with aristocracy and immersion.

Enchanted diamond pendants are available in two metal variations: yellow gold and white gold. While the price ($500) may not differ much between them, the yellow gold pendants look much more expensive.

9.  Classic 3 Stone Pendant

Cable chain 3 stone pendants house similar 3 diamonds but differ in their setting. While the enchanted pendants house them in a triangular shape, the classic pendants go much deeper by housing the diamonds in a stacked setting. A smaller diamond is fixed in the top with the largest one sitting at the bottom.

A lobster claw chain clasp is used to secure the diamonds in place, which increases the length of the pendant. The adjustable chains also make it easier for you to fit in with your dress better.

10.  4 Prong Diamond Stud Earrings

A common yet essential trend to nurture is a pair of 4 prong diamond stud earrings that house subtle yet glorious diamonds secured by prongs. Depending on the size of the diamond, you either can wear it alone, or wear multiple studs of different sizes.

Diamond stud earrings are classic. They don’t take away the shine of the diamonds with fancy designs but are flexible enough to wear every day throughout any office or family occasion

4 Prong Diamond Stud Earrings

The Bottom Line

The trends in diamond jewelry in 2022 revolve around diamond rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. In the diamond ring department, fleur, della, and trellis diamond rings take the cake. Among the bracelets, the classic 3ct, emerald cut, and cluster top bracelets are the most popular. If you are looking for pendants, look no further than solitaire, enchanted, and classic 3-stone pendants. Among earrings, 4 prong stud earrings are the trendiest.

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