Crystal Wholesale Body Jewelry – Save money by buying in bulk

Crystal Wholesale Body Jewelry – Save money by buying in bulk

Body jewelry includes wholesalers and retailers. Wholesalers, usually located in China or Thailand, specialize in manufacturing large quantities of generic products, which are then purchased and shipped to retailers in other countries. Crystal Wholesale body jewelry can be easily found online through a Google search and usually offers a wide range of products at a low price per piece. 

Getting into the local jewelry retail business is simple and potentially lucrative. Retail businesses can be done online or through a showroom or mall kiosk. The retailer should be in tune with the local fashion sense. For example, purity rings may have had a brief moment in the spotlight, but are no longer marketable. Aside from ear piercings, piercings of all kinds continue to be the most popular body piercings today. Some buyers will prefer simple, surgical steel products, while others will prefer high-end gold and silver.

Categories of body jewelry

Body jewelry can be classified by material, shape, or location on the body. For example, a wholesaler that classifies body jewelry by material might list the following categories: stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, sterling silver, gold, glass, and natural materials. Types of jewelry include ball rings, barbells, earrings, labrets, clip accessories, and more. A list of facial features by body location can include: the abdomen, ears, eyebrows, lips, nose, tongue, navel, and yes, even the navel and genitals.

Range of values

Most Crystal Wholesale will require a minimum order of $100 for any purchase. The items are usually listed on Crystal Wholesale body jewelry websites at a variety of prices. However, usually more than 10, 50, 100, or 500 products must be purchased. Priced at $0.49 each, it can include surgical steel labrets, small curved and straight barbells, and a variety of accessory balls and cones. Simple marble and acrylic products can be purchased for $0.50 to $0.99. Items ranging from $1.00 to $1.99 include simple earrings, Madonna labrets, and some organic bone products.

 There are some glass beads, 9K gold, and some crystal items from $2.00 to $2.99. From $3.00 to $4.99, shoppers can find crystal-based products and some silver pieces. From $5.00 to $9.99, you can find bells, fancy jewelry, and blue belly rings. Starting at this price, products can be more easily sold by Crystal Wholesale. As a result, some items can cost more than $10.00 per piece. Includes 14k gold, sterling silver, and precious stones and gems.

Different colored crystals have different meanings

Different crystals usually have different colors, but do you know their different meanings? Enjoy the article and I’ll give you the meanings!

White crystal

The energy of the white Crystal Wholesale is representative of different crystals. It’s the most versatile, the most comprehensive, and helps the most people. As the head of all kinds of crystals. It can help people to remember well, help people to focus on features, they are the synthesis of warmth. It also has the unique effect of purifying radiation.

Pink crystal

Pink crystal is a type of gemstone that can help people develop and develop their emotions, chase love, receive love, and enjoy love. It can also help people improve their relationships and improve their reputations. Finally, pink Crystal Wholesale is the best choice for the merchant. It can help us understand ourselves and develop ourselves.


Citrine can bring wealth or create unexpected wealth, it is your best choice when doing service work and it can help you earn more money. In addition, Citrine has another effect, which is to help relieve digestive disorders and maintain health.

Tea green crystal

The main function of green tea crystal is to aid in wound healing while boosting immunity and activating cells, as well as having a rejuvenating effect. Especially in the back seat.


Amethyst can help people develop mental and emotional stability and sensitivity, as well as improve memory, improve interpersonal relationships, and give courage and strength. Amethyst is an expression of love and is often seen as a love stone. In Western countries, Amethyst is considered the “protector of love”, which means deep love between couples, purity, honesty, and courage.


Garnet has an irresistible charm and can bring happiness and eternal love to people, as well as have a positive effect on self-confidence and increase vitality, strength, and endurance. It can also help improve skin problems and prevent ulcers. As a result people always consider garnet as a lucky stone. For more information, you can visit our site.

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