Car Shipping Arizona: How to Prepare and More

Car Shipping Arizona: How to Prepare and More

If the car you’re shipping is your everyday driver, you probably rely on it to get back and forth to work and take your family where they need to go. However, if it’s an exotic or luxury vehicle, chances are you take great pride in owning it. And even any other type of car in between can be pricey and something you don’t want to be damaged.

That’s why adequately preparing your car for hauling is vital. In this guide, you’ll learn how to choose a company to transport your automobile and how to get your vehicle ready for the car hauler.

Selecting Your Company

The first step to preparing to transport your vehicle is choosing your car transport company. There are a few factors to consider in this process.

Choosing Between an Open or Enclosed Hauler

While you’ll start your search for “car shipping Arizona” and want to make sure the company can ship from the current location to the desired one, you’ll also want to check they have the type of hauler you want them to use. Some companies only have one option.

Opting for an enclosed hauler is generally more expensive because these can transport fewer cars at once. But, if you want your car protected from the elements and any potential rocks or other debris that could fly through the air on the highway, this is the ideal choice.

Fortunately, AutoStar Transport Express offers the options of open or enclosed transporters, allowing you to choose the most suitable one for your needs.

Knowing if the Company Works With Your Type of Vehicle

Before you decide on a car transport company, research what types of vehicles they specialize in, such as exotic or luxury automobiles. Since these vehicles may cost a pretty penny, with the average luxury car price being $75,000 as of January 2023, you don’t want to trust it with just anyone. If you don’t see anything listed on their site, contact the company and ask about their experience with your kind of vehicle. Ultimately, you want to see what precautions the staff will take with your automobile.

Understanding the Price Before You Schedule

Once you search “car shipping Arizona” and decide on a company, know the prices first. You don’t want any surprise fees that you originally weren’t aware of.

In many cases, you can find a price scale on the company’s website to give you an idea. However, because some companies charge fees beyond that, discuss the total price you can expect to pay with someone from the company.

In general, you pay for the number of miles and whether you choose an open or enclosed transporter. Keep in mind that the amount you pay per mile is generally higher for shorter trips. While you hope every aspect of the transport goes as planned, if you need to cancel for unforeseen circumstances, ask about the company’s cancelation policy.

Getting Your Car Ready for Transport Day

Prior to transporting your car, you should take a few steps to prepare it adequately.

Check for Leaks

Look at your vehicle’s undercarriage and check if it’s leaking any fluids. If it is, especially if the leak is serious, the company may opt out of hauling it. To demonstrate why, if your vehicle would be on top, those fluids could leak on the car below it. The leak could also mean fluid flying backward as the hauler is in motion.

If you notice a leak, get it fixed before transport day to ensure the company can haul your car.

Clean Your Vehicle’s Interior

Don’t leave any loose items in your vehicle. These will roll around during transit and could sustain damage.

While reputable companies screen employees well and provide the necessary disciplinary action when problems arise, you don’t want to take any chances with someone taking your belongings. So, removing these items also ensures they remain in your possession.

Clean Your Vehicle’s Exterior

Besides the inside of your vehicle, you should also clean the outside of it.

Prior to your car getting on the hauler, a member of the company’s staff will thoroughly assess the condition of the car’s exterior, evaluating it for any scratches, dents, chipped paint, or other damages. Whenever the car is dirty, the team member won’t be able to check it properly.

Cleaning the outside of your vehicle also benefits you. When your car is clean, you can see any dings, dents, or other damage, and if there weren’t any before the automobile got on the hauler, but something appears after it arrives, you can ensure the problem will be addressed. Saving this task for as close to the inspection as possible is best.

Disable Your Car’s Alarm System

While this doesn’t necessarily benefit you, disabling the alarm system will help the truck driver and everyone else on the road. Could you imagine your car alarm going off continuously and the nuisance of it, even for a short duration of the trip?

Check Your Car’s Tire Pressure

You’ve searched “car shipping Arizona” because you either don’t want or can’t transport your car. So you wouldn’t think tire pressure would be an issue when hauling and not driving it. However, if your tires have too little or too much pressure, it’s a risk when it’s on the hauler.

Don’t Put Gas in Before Transporting

You may want your car ready to drive when it gets off the hauler, complete with a full gas tank. However, leaving as little gas in the vehicle as possible makes the car as light as it can be, which helps during shipping. The driver already has enough weight with your automobile and the others, so minimizing any extra poundage as much as possible reduces certain risks.

Choosing the right company and preparing your car the correct way will keep your vehicle safe on its voyage. It’ll also make the process simple and convenient for you while giving you peace of mind.

While you may have learned a great deal by searching “car shipping Arizona,” if you have other questions, you can learn more about the vehicle transporting process here.

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