Summer Brides, Follow These Tips To Rock Your Special DAY

Summer Brides, Follow These Tips To Rock Your Special DAY

Summers are here and so is the muggy weather and scorching heat, which actually feel horrible. But weddings can’t wait, can they? But getting married during this time is not as comfortable as it sounds, even if the wedding is indoors or at night.

Being decked out in heavy designer Indian wedding dresses with all that jewelry, hair, makeup, is actually not a very manageable task. And more about those huge lights, always focused on brides, they are hot enough to melt makeup and make brides sweat.

But don’t worry, when we’re here, you don’t need to be anxious. Here are some tips for summer brides to survive weddings that are cool and pretty too!

Style tips for summer brides

Choose a light and minimal lehenga or saree

If you choose to go for designer lehengas, choose one that is lighter, made of breathable material, and makes you feel great. Since it’s summer, you can ditch the reds and oranges and go for peaches, light blues, greens, and grays.

If you choose Indian sarees, a light silk saree in vibrant colors may be your go-to choice for your D-day. Since you have to stay in such clothes for many hours, but looking fresh and bright, choosing comfortable clothes is a very basic thing to do.

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Ask your hairdresser to make you a tied hairstyle

A very useful decision would be to avoid open hairstyles. We are all aware of how difficult it is to manage hair in summer, and with that, hair styling and sprays, open or even half open hairstyles are a big NO NO.

Ask your stylist to style your hair into beautiful designer buns and accessorize with jewelry, fresh flowers, or accessories. Messy braids or accessorized ponytails would be great for pre-wedding events.

Lighter and cooler fabrics should be your go-to option

Just like velvets and silks are for winter weddings with larger sleeves, chiffon, georgette, chikankari, cotton with short or cropped sleeves are for summers. Whether it’s your outfits for D-Day or for the rest of the ceremonies, choose lighter fabrics.

Waterproof makeup, minimal to apply

Summer brides are probably the ones who worry the most about bleeding makeup and end up looking sweaty and worn. And you’ll end up looking tired in photos, especially during the second half of the event.

To avoid that, the first thing is that you should look for a minimal makeup, waterproof and with a matte finish, especially if you have an oily skin type.

Also, except for heavier makeups, try to go for nude makeup, with softer tones. And forget about putting that setting spray on.

Summer and summery outfits

For the other ceremonies, before and after the main ceremony, opt for flowing and light Indian dresses. A long floral georgette dress, a short skirt and top, a Salwar kameez, an Anarkali cotton dress that touches the ground, all will look equally beautiful.

Indian costumes are known to be comfortable and airy. Pick a style you like and get ready to rock the ceremonies.

Light jewels

Along with light dresses and makeup, jewelry should also be light. You can go for today’s stylish designs, or you can even skip a piece or two and look relaxed and comfortable. Because that’s what matters.

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