Best Casino Roulette Strategies for Nubbies

Best Casino Roulette Strategies for Nubbies

Roulette has become the new cool thing because of all the movies and shows featuring stars playing this game. Seeing the ivory ball spin can give an adrenaline rush to anyone. But, this game is not as easy as it sounds. To try it out the best first step is to start with top reliable secure online casinos in Canada.

Roulette is very nerve-wracking, but there are certain strategies that you can use, and that could help you win this game. These strategies are specifically jotted down for the newbies who have no clue of the atrocities of this game. So, let’s get into it and find out all about the best casino roulette strategies for nubbies!

Top 6 Casino Roulette Strategies for Beginners

All the strategies we are listing below are not only helpful but sneaky too. So, make sure to follow them and win a game or two. But, it does not mean these strategies cannot help the pro roulette players. It’s time to dive in:

1. Play in 37 Space Wheels

There usually are 2 kinds of wheels in roulette. One of them has 37 spaces, and one of them has 38 spaces. Now, more wheels are also introduced that have more than 38 spaces, but they are a complete no-go area.

Make sure that the wheel you are playing in has 37 spaces because it gives you good odds of winning. You have a 48.65% chance of landing in your desired space. But, if you go for a wheel with 38 spaces, the chance reduces to 47.37%. So, it is always a good idea to go with the odds.

The difference in one space might not sound like that big of a deal, but it has a great effect on your winning odds.

2. Go for French Roulette

If you don’t want to risk losing your wager, you should go for French roulette. In the regular roulette, if you lose a bet, it would mean that you have lost your complete wager. You cannot get the money back at all.

But, another kind of game, which is not as risky, is that you go for French roulette. The rules for this game are a little different. When you bet on something, and you lose, your complete money is not lost, and it is kept aside.

This keeping aside is referred to as prison. So, once you win the next game, you get your money back. In French roulette, there are chances that you might not lose your money which sounds like a good idea.

3. Don’t Go for Bigger Bets

When you are a beginner, it is never a good idea to go for bigger bets right off the bat. You will risk losing all your money if you bet bigger. The casino always has a winning edge over you, no matter what.

So, if you are waging a big amount, it means the casino has better odds of profit. Even if you are playing French roulette, you still are supposed to go for the minimum bet possible.

4. Go for Online Roulette

It is better to play online roulette before you go to a casino. It helps you understand how things work and how you are supposed to bet. But, the best thing about online roulette is that it only lets you bet a very small amount.

So you don’t end up losing everything. Also, finding different types of roulette wheels is also easier online.

5. Don’t Follow Martingale System

Most beginners find it tempting to follow the martingale system for betting. But, it is not going to work for you if you want to last longer on the table. In martingale, you have to double the amount of bet every time you lose. So, once you win, you recover all the money that is lost.

But, that does not usually happen because when you constantly double the amount, you can quickly reach 4 figures. Also, no matter how much you win, you get minimum profit from it because you waged really high. Otherwise, you could spend winnings on buying a villa in Dubai.


At last, roulette might look like a simple game, but there are so many strategies and tricks involved in it. We have listed a few strategies that could help you win the game. But, we would highly suggest you to go for online roulette first, just to get an idea. We hope this article was helpful for you and that you will have fun playing this game.

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