Behind the Smoke: Marijuana and its BC Online Dispensary

Behind the Smoke: Marijuana and its BC Online Dispensary

It is known by many as Cannabis or Mary Jane; by Ganja or as the Simpon’s Ned Flanders describes it, the Devil’s Grass. This plant has more names than one, and they are as varied as it is popular. But it is widely known as one term: marijuana.

            Marijuana is a plant with many uses and aspects, ones that have been taken advantage of by humanity for years and generations on end. Whether for relaxational or medicinal purposes, for eating or smoking, it has gained as much variety in its usage as it has notoriety. Despite all of this, the plant is helpful, and nothing hurts to be more informed about it before trying it out for the first time.

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What is Marijuana?

            Marijuana (see more here), as defined by the Britannica dictionary, is defined as “a drug composed of the leaves and flowers of plants in the genus Cannabis.” This drug can take many shapes or forms and can be experienced in no shortage of methods. Its history is wide and varied, with uses of the plant going as far back as 2700 BCE.

            The most common ingredient in marijuana are the leaves, but the primary activator is something called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), an ingredient that is found in both the male and female variations of the plant. It is most concentrated in the resin of the plant’s flowering buds atop it. It usually comes in a crystallized form and is the ingredient that is most responsible for the drug’s variable effects.

Where and When Does it Come From?

            As stated above, marijuana is derived and produced from the leaves of plants that belong to the genus Cannabis. Its origin comes from the lands of Central Asia and has been around since BCE times. Since then, it has found its way to no small number of countries including the likes of China, India, Greece, before eventually finding uses across the whole of Europe, America, and a majority of the world years later.

What are the Effects?

            The effects of marijuana encompass a variety of factors both physical and mental. These effects include but are not limited to common ones like euphoria, increase in appetite, heightened sensory perception, and relaxation of both body and mind. However, there are some negative effects as well, varying fromfear, anxiety, panic, and in some extreme cases, psychotic symptoms. These and more are varied, dependent upon the quantity and strength of marijuana that is partaken of.

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What are the Uses?


Marijuana has a variety of uses across the world. The most common usage is as a hallucinogenic, as the plant is known to have such qualities when consumed. The plant is also known for having medicinal purposes as well, as it can help with lowering eye pressure and providing relief from nausea as for how the plant is consumed, it is done by many different methods, including:

  • Smoking- one of the most common methods in partaking marijuana is of course smoking it to be sure. This is usually done through rolling it in a manner akin to a cigarette, or in a filtration device such as a bong or pipe.
  • Vaping- a variant of smoking, but less harmful in practice. This method involves heating the cannabis to a level just below where the plant would be burned. This results in the user inhaling vapor instead of smoke, hence the name.
  • Orally- orally ingesting the plant can also lead to partaking in its effects. This is usually done through cooking, in particular baking the plant with different foods the likes of which include cookies or brownies. Along with foods, the plant can also be put in liquids; in particular the oil itself, which produces the same effects. This can be done in the form of drinks and sprays among other things.

As with the methods, ingesting the plant whether through smoke, foods, or liquids, carry with them their own sets of risk (check here). These also include respiratory issues such as coughing and choking, nausea, and other physical and mental effects.

Legal Truth

            Until recently, quite recently in fact, there have been no shortage of laws that prevent the production, selling, and usage of marijuana. The United States for example, and in particular, has had such laws and regulations in place since the 1960s. However, with time, such laws are beginning to change. There has been funding placed into the research and legalization of marijuana, and some of it has been successful, with the United States itself having legal use and selling of the drug in over 19 states across the country.

            However, despite the progress, it is not without its detractors. The process to legalize marijuana is still ongoing and will likely be so for some time yet.

Where to Buy From

            Depending on where you live, which is ideally somewhere where marijuana is legalized and not in danger for you to have possession of, there are different ways to purchase the drug for yourself. In places such as Colorado or California, there are dedicated stores that involve themselves in the selling and purchase of the plant. The Purple Butler dispensary,as an example, can also have it delivered to youwhich sells anywhere throughout the British Colombia and Canada. There are also different online dispensary sites that handle such.


            Whatever the name and however the method, cannabis is becoming more and more frequent throughout the world than it was thousands of years ago. Since then, it has been adopted for a variety of different purposes, whether recreational or medicinal. Though not without its risks, this plant is becoming something of a commodity, and one that’s continuously being used and distributed. If you want to partake in the drug yourself, it is strongly recommended that you do so by a licensed distributor and in a location where the consumption of such is legal.

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