A Quick Post-Construction Cleaning Checklist

A Quick Post-Construction Cleaning Checklist

In the US, housekeepers and maids earn an average yearly wage of $28,010. In many parts of the country, it’s common to hire a cleaning company to get things cleaned and sanitized before you and your family live in the new home.

Projects like remodeling a home are no less a daunting and consuming task. But once the dust settles, post-construction cleaning steps come in so you can enjoy your new home.

Keep reading to learn how to create a solid post-construction cleaning checklist with no health risks.

Entrances & Exits

Cleaning off door frame handles and locks should be on a post-construction cleaning checklist that focuses on entrances and exits. Cleaning the doorbell and any other fixtures, sweeping and mopping all entrances, and looking for debris in the entryway. Disposing of any broken glass or hazardous materials near the entrance.

It’s also wise to check each entry to make sure all locks and handles work and to check for any potential security risks. Set up a plan for regular maintenance and cleaning of entrances and exits.

You can get professional services from companies like Cleaningbliss.com to keep your house clean at all times. Post-construction cleaning is a lot of work, and that is why having professionals do the job would be a much better idea.

Living or Common Areas

It is important to empty any remaining trash, junk, and debris left around the living or common areas. Remove any dust and dirt found on doors and windows. You can also vacuum or sweep the floor and any carpets, rugs, or mats.

Be sure to clean all glass or mirrors, including window frames. Wipe down any lamps, light fixtures, or ceiling fans. Also, clean the bathrooms which include the toilets, sinks, showers, bathtubs, and floors.

Wipe down kitchen appliances, counters, and floors. Cleaning wall surfaces using appropriate cleaners. Wipe down the furniture, blinds, and any interior wall art.

Last but not the least, take out the trash or any used cleaning materials.

Outdoor Spaces or Landscaping

For outdoor areas includes sweeping away dirt, sand, and natural surfaces. Make sure to clean woodwork, metal, natural stone, covered paint, oil, and other building chemicals.
Additionally, remove tags and stickers from landscape design and clean up dirt and plants from flower beds and pathways. Finally, your outdoor space will appear professional and usable once you spray any plants with clean water.

Empty All Trash Cans and Recycling Bins

Empty the cans and bins in all rooms, storerooms, offices, garages, backyards, parking lot, etc. Remove all debris and material such as used tools, construction wrappers, and other construction materials.

Take everything out and put it in containers. Gather and dispose of any wrappers, boxes, containers, solvents, or other materials that may contain hazardous materials under local laws.

Summary of Post-construction Cleaning Checklist

Post-construction cleaning checklist is essential around your home or office building upon completion. Following this checklist can help prevent allergies. Dust and dirt buildup and maintain cleanliness throughout the entire property.

Give it a try and discover how pleasant it can be to have a space that looks clean after construction.

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