7 Virtual Date Ideas to Make a First Date Less Awkward

7 Virtual Date Ideas to Make a First Date Less Awkward

Virtual dates can help alleviate some anxiety and awkwardness associated with first dates. The best way to get a feel for whether or not you and your date will be compatible is by using virtual dates. This option allows you to be in a safe environment where you can concentrate on one another without being distracted by your surroundings. Also, these dates offer a low-stress and low-cost option. Sitting there on video chat with a stranger and trying to appear beautiful isn’t the most natural thing in the world, but if you’ve got an activity planned, it will give you something to focus on. So, here are a few virtual date ideas to make the first date less awkward.


Making music playlists is an old-school love gesture. It’s as simple as generating a playlist to create a mix for a love interest. Simply select your favourite music, tracks that make you think about one another, or songs that you believe your date would enjoy, then construct a playlist and email it to your partner. You can also listen to the songs together on the date, or you can listen ahead of time and then discuss your thoughts.

Wine and paint

All you and your date need is some wine, a few painting materials, and a little bit of creativity. You and your date can either follow a YouTube painting tutorial or be creative and create your own paintings. You could paint how you see each other or how you would imagine your actual first date to be. To make this virtual date extra sweet, you can send your artwork to each other.

Mixology lessons

Online mixology classes are a great way to meet up with a virtual date for a drink. A computerised bartender may walk you through drink-making tutorials, or you can make your cocktails. You can mix and try each other’s favourite drinks, or you can design cocktails themed after each other while explaining the meaning of each ingredient.

Mixology lessons

Love language quiz

Take the love language questionnaire online, and then exchange your responses with each other as you go through the questions. Not only do you learn their love language, which is crucial in relationships, but you can also watch how they respond to each question in highly complicated situations.

Movie night

Try out Netflix and Chill, but from the comfort of your own home and without the anxiety that comes from actually watching a show or a movie together on your first date. Instead, you and your date can download Netflix Party, an extension that allows two people to sync their Netflix accounts and view stuff simultaneously. Choose a show or a movie neither of you has seen before and give real-time text feedback.

Virtual picnic

Virtual picnics are online date ideas for you and your partner to get out of the house. Toss snacks into a bag, pick a day with sunlight in the weather forecast, and then start a video chat from a phone or tablet to have an outdoor dinner together. You can visit a nearby park, the ocean, or your garden. Make sure you show your boyfriend or girlfriend the scenery. You gain extra points if you can stargaze together.

Virtual picnic

Museum tours

Without leaving your houses, you and your date may visit major institutions such as the Smithsonian, the Louvre, and MoMA. Simply select a museum and go on a virtual tour. Different museums provide various types of online tours. Individuals or groups can schedule guided Zoom tours, live with a guide at some museums, while others provide self-directed tours through panoramic pictures or virtual reality applications. Choose a technique or museum, connect through video conference, share screens, and tour exhibits together.

If you’re anxious about your upcoming first date, consider going on a virtual one. This will help alleviate some awkwardness and let you know your date better. And if you want to ensure that you and your date are compatible in a real-life setting, these first-date conversation tips will help you when you finally go on an actual date with your partner.

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