7 Instagram Hacks & Features Everyone Should Know About

7 Instagram Hacks & Features Everyone Should Know About

Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms that people of all ages use. Some people use Instagram for fun whereas others use it professionally. You can keep up with everyone by following them on Instagram. Some people have even managed to make an income because of it. This is possible even if you aren’t necessarily famous. You can make Instagram another source of income soon.

To do so, you will need to know certain features how to increase engagement of Instagram posts and stories with buying Instagram followers. Some of these are pretty common while others are well hidden.

Some hacks can also help you save a lot of time and make your page look more professional, whether it is for personal use or business use. There are 7 features and hacks of Instagram mentioned below that everyone needs to know to get the most use out of Instagram.

Optimize bio:

Instagram bios that are well-written and well-spaced look beautiful and may offer your profile a unique edge. Adding line breaks to your Instagram bio appears to be a straightforward Instagram trick. Not only can you add a unique typeface to your bio, but you can also use characters that aren’t found on the standard keyboard to set yourself apart from the competition. Additionally, you may link to another account in your profile’s bio.

Sell products:

It’s hardly a secret that Instagram allows you to tag individuals in your posts as soon as you publish fresh content. As a result, your viewers will be sent to a product page where they may purchase what they saw.

An Instagram Business account is required to upload shoppable content. You may then publish new photos and tag them with goods from your product catalog on Instagram Business if you have product tags enabled. This allows you to increase the number of things you sell on Instagram.

Auto-complete reply:

It takes a lot of time and effort to respond to customer comments and inquiries, but thankfully, there’s a trick to speed things up even more. Using the Attach button and the Quick Replies drop-down box, you may set up automatic responses to comments and inquiries. One or two words might serve as a shortcut for a lengthy regular response that you could send frequently. This functionality is useful for corporate pages and community managers who deal with the same queries daily.


Highlights are a great way to display your company’s ideals, services, reviews, etc. Lastly, it even classifies different subjects that you post about regularly on Instagram. Stories will only last for 24 hours on your page. However, you can use Instagram’s Highlights feature which allows you to group your stories on profile page.

To create a Highlight, choose any number of stories from your album and press the New option. Give it a name and a cover photo. Then it will appear on your profile page as its own Instagram Story.

Custom cover images:

For an Instagram video like Reels, which has a lot of potentials to attract new followers, it’s all about the cover image. This is because the initial impression is very important. When you’re ready to upload the video, simply follow the instructions and sit tight until the process is complete. Next, add a description and hashtags to your post. Lastly, select the image you wish to use as your “cover” by going to the “cover” menu option.

Hidden hashtags:

To boost the amount of organic traffic to your Instagram stories, you frequently use a small number of hashtags. In most cases, this is a good strategy for gaining new followers without buying Instagram followers. However, this may look overly commercial and may affect your aesthetic. To avoid this, you can add the hashtags on a comment or make additional space on your caption before adding hashtags.

Schedule posts:

As Instagram is a mobile app, it is likely that you take and share photographs of your Instagram Story on the go. It’s important to remember that the time of day a post is published affects how many people see it. With  social media scheduling tools, it’s possible to plan your Instagram posts and have them go live at specified times of the day to maximize interaction.


Brands and individuals who wish to use Instagram to the best of its ability, should know the right strategy for Instagram marketing. Instagram marketing can be done in a wide variety of ways to suit your needs and goals specifically. You can be taking part in paid advertisement, emphasizing reels, buying Instagram followers, etc.

Regardless of that, these Instagram tips and tricks can help you stand out from the crowd, whether you’re a business owner or just a regular user trying to get the most out of Instagram. Take advantage of these time-saving tactics to increase engagement of Instagram posts. Keep in mind that these techniques will only work if you continue to provide your followers with high-quality material.

Emma Chris

Emma Chris is the founder of Forbes Era. Emma helps businesses to make their online presence by helping them to connect with their potential customers.

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