6 Mistakes We Make in the Morning

6 Mistakes We Make in the Morning

The beginning of the work day sets the tone for all the hours that follow. Let’s break down what not to do in the morning to stay productive throughout the work day.

Being Late

Arriving late is a proven way to ruin your work day before it even starts. You’ll darken the road for yourself. By being uncollected, you allow others to think you are an irresponsible worker. Besides, bosses value the punctual over the punctual.

Set your alarm clock to ring at least half an hour earlier. It will have practically no effect on your sleep mode. But if you are afraid of feeling tired, go to bed earlier. And even if you want to place a bet at 22Bet at 11 pm, put off this activity till your weekends.

Rushing to the Coffee Machine Before 9 am

As one of the heroines of “Desperate Housewives” said, people are divided into two types: some are awake in the morning as soon as they wake up, and others do not feel themselves until the first cup of coffee.

There is nothing wrong if you belong to the second type, and your morning coffee is sacred. But try to drink it “scientifically,” that is, after 9:30. According to recent studies, energy levels depend on the hormone cortisol. As a rule, its peak “activity” occurs from 8.00 to 9.00. A cup of coffee will disrupt the natural hormone production mode, depriving you of a legal portion of energy, rather than charging you.

If you need to be in the office by 9:00 or earlier, take your first coffee break at a time when your body needs to “refuel.” An alternative is to wake up with a contrast shower. This is a great way to improve health and cheer up.

Accumulating Negativity

In the morning, you weren’t affectionate enough. In the bus, you stepped on your new shoes. Your teenage son was rude on the phone. These life situations have one thing in common: they have no place at your desk. Internal aggression affects the quality of work. And not for the better. After all, instead of solving the work tasks the brain is forced to waste energy on conducting a mental dialogue. At this rate, even your favorite work will cease to be so. And the reason is in your head.

Use the tried-and-true Scarlett principle from Gone with the Wind and think about it tomorrow, simply putting the negativity out of your mind.

Taking a “Vow of Silence”

It’s a bad strategy to get to work while ignoring those around you. Important things will not jump out of folders, if you are polite, otherwise you may well earn the reputation of a “surly grump. It’s especially important to follow this rule for a manager. Otherwise, the loss of loyalty and respect of employees is guaranteed to happen. And even the highest professionalism will not fix it.

Greet your colleagues, say a few words to them. Besides working on the image of a good man, this will help set the mood, learn the latest news about the work. As a boss, briefly ask your subordinates about the state of affairs, let go of a discreet, but sensible compliment.

Submitting to the Work

Work should obey you. Only by adhering to this principle can you succeed. Otherwise, you will waste your day, grasping one thing or the other. Because of the refusal to systematically plan actions, an employee does not enjoy his or her work. Where does the love of sitting in front of a computer come from, if not to reap the fruits of his labor?

Before banging on the keyboard, make sure you understand exactly the goals, tasks, and the order of their implementation. It’s better if you prioritize the important tasks. After you’ve mastered them, you’ll cope with the rest much more effectively.

Thinking of Mornings as the Worst Time of Your Day

The above tips can be thrown in the trash if you come to work with thoughts about the futility of everyday life.

Move your alarm clock to a different place each day. Put on some upbeat music. Therapists advise choosing something you don’t normally listen to. Melodies from popular soap operas are just as invigorating. Get ready for work in the evening. Preparing in advance the clothes, food and things you wear daily, you will save precious morning minutes for packing and calm your nerves from panic thoughts of “What if I forgot something?” on the road.

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