5 Questions to Ask Your Land Surveyor

5 Questions to Ask Your Land Surveyor

Knowing about your land is critical if you want to put it to use. You need to know your boundaries, natural resources, and access to public land. Although you’ll usually get this information when you buy land, other situations require you to hire a land surveyor for the job.

But hiring a surveyor is easier said than done. When there are more than 17,000 land surveyor companies out there, finding the right one takes work.

Are you planning to hire a land surveyor to survey your land? Ask the five questions below to a land surveying provider to determine if they will do the job right.

1. Are You Licensed?

The first thing to look for when looking at a land surveyor is their license. Individuals can’t offer this type of service if they don’t get certified by the government. This is because each area has different rules and regulations that govern how surveyors work.

You need a license for each location you decide to work in. Get licensing proof from each surveyor and confirm it’s valid with your local government.

2. Which Types of Land Surveys Do You Offer?

The next thing to consider when interviewing surveyors is the types of surveys they offer. There is more than one way to survey land and several different things you can look for.

It’s essential to understand your unique needs when looking for help. Once you understand what you need. You can verify that a surveying company has the expertise to offer the type of land survey you need.

3. What Results Will I Receive?

Another thing to look for when talking to land surveyors is the results you receive from the survey. You’re probably looking for something very specific with a survey. Even if a company offers the type of survey you need, the report is useless if it doesn’t contain all the data.

Get an example report before you decide to work with a survey company. This will help you see if a company offers the information you need.

4. What’s the Timeframe?

Doing a land survey can take a lot of work — especially if you have a large plot of land. You may want the work completed quickly, but the surveyor you hire may not have the same urgency.

Get time estimates from your surveyor before you hire them. This information will give you an accurate picture of the timeframe for the job and when to expect results.

5. Do You Have References?

You shouldn’t take a land surveyor at their word that they do great work and have excellent service. You want to hear from previous clients about their experiences and what they think about a surveyor company.

Reputable companies like ALTA Survey will be able to offer references from satisfied customers. You can also check Google to hear from people not recommended by a company.

Be Careful With Your Land Surveyor Choice

Getting your land surveyed is a crucial decision. You need accurate information about your land and reports to hand to other parties needing that information to work. Hiring the wrong land surveying services can lead to bad information and a lot of wasted money.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t questions you can ask that will help you find the right land surveying company. Ask the questions above and other relevant ones to vet your land surveyor options.

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