5 Best Tips For Getting The Perfect Natural Eyelash Extension Look

5 Best Tips For Getting The Perfect Natural Eyelash Extension Look

Eyelash extensions may be one of the most popular beauty treatments on the market, but they come with a lot of potential risks. If you’re considering getting natural eyelash extensions, make sure to read our top tips for getting the perfect natural Lash Look. From choosing the right lash treatment to maintaining your new lashes, these tips will have you looking and feeling your best from head to toe.

Know the type of lash extension you want

If you’re thinking about getting lash extensions, there are a few things you need to know first. There are three types of lash extensions: monofilament, microfiber, and tape.

In general, monofilament lashes are the most common type and they come in two lengths: short and long. Microfiber lashes are made from tiny fibers that are bonded together and they come in several lengths: regular, thin, and thick. Tape eyelashes use an adhesive to attach individual lashes to your upper or lower lids. They come in several widths and can be shaped into any style you like.

Once you know which type of lash extension is right for you, the next step is to decide on the length. Most people choose short or long monofilament lashes because they want them to look natural. It’s important to note that if your eyes are too close together, your monofilaments may look too thick or clumpy on top of your eye. If your eyes are too far apart, your monofilaments may look too sparse or fake-looking.

Next, you’ll want to choose the width of the lash extension you want. Regular widths range from 0.25 mm (0.01 inches) up to 2 mm (0.08 inches), thin widths measure 0.35 mm (0.01 inches) up to 1 cm (0.39 inches), and thick widths range from 0.50 mm (0.02 inches) up to 2 cm (0.79 inches). Finally, you’ll need to decide on the style you want your lash extension to be. There are several types of tape eyelashes, including natural, false lash, strip, and flick.

Get a consultation

If you’re ready to take your lash game up a notch, consider investing in a set of natural eyelash extensions. Here are some tips to help you get the perfect look:

  1. Get a consultation. A qualified technician can help you choose the perfect set of extensions for your own unique lashes and skin tone.
  2. Make sure the glue is properly dried. Applying too much adhesive may cause irritation or false lashes. A few minutes of rest after applying the glue will help it to dry more smoothly and quickly.
  3. Take care when removing the extensions. If they’re tugged on harshly, they may come off prematurely or with undesirable results. Use gentle fingers and water to remove them if necessary, but be cautious not to pull too hard – that could ruin your lashes!

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to achieve the perfect lash extension look for your individual style!

Find the right lash extension technician

There are a few things you can do to help find the right lash extension technician. First, make sure that they have experience working with lash extensions. Also, ask them about their technique and what types of lashes they use most often. Finally, be sure to test out their services before getting your full set done.

Properly clean your lash extensions daily

When it comes to getting the perfect lash extension look, proper cleaning is key. Lashes should be clean and free of bacteria before applying adhesive, so it’s important to make sure you’re taking care of them every day. Here are some tips for cleaning your lash extensions:

  1. Use a gentle cleanser. If you’re using a traditional lash cleaner, avoid using harsh chemicals or scouring agents that can damage your lashes. Instead, use a mild, soap-based cleanser like Apple cider vinegar or hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Rinse thoroughly. After cleansing your lashes with a mild soap-based cleaner, rinse them well with water to remove all the soap residue.
  3. Avoid rubbing your eyes excessively. It’s important not to rub your eyes excessively while cleaning your lashes — this can cause irritation and even permanent damage to your delicate eye tissue.
  4. Dry your lashes thoroughly before storage or application of adhesive. Applying adhesive wet will cause more clumping and problem areas along the lash line.

File and trim your extensions regularly

If you’re looking for a natural look when wearing eyelash extensions, you’ll want to file and trim them regularly. This will help the extensions to lay neatly on your lash line and look more uniform.

Additionally, make sure to clean your lash extension applicator often. Clumps of mascara or other debris can build up on the bristles and cause your extensions to fall off more easily. Finally, be sure to avoid direct sunlight while wearing your lashes as this can damage them over time.

Keep these tips in mind to keep your lash extensions looking good and lasting longer.

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