4 Ways to Stay on Top of the Corset Trend in 2022

4 Ways to Stay on Top of the Corset Trend in 2022

Corsets are back in style, and how! The re-emergence of this 16th-century staple has taken the fashion industry by storm. As such, everyone is looking for the perfect corset to add structure to their outfits, from celebrities to influencers to brides.

While people in the regency era used them for dangerous body-altering purposes, modern corsets are comfortable, inclusive, and incredibly stylish. They are the must-have clothing item for 2022, and the best part is that you can style them in hundreds of ways.

Corsets: Top Styling Trends of 2022

Corsets were traditionally used as undergarments to cinch the waist. And now, you can find them in numerous styles, the two most popular ones being Victorian and Elizabethan. Meanwhile, while lace was used to fasten the closet back in the day, today, you can find more convenient options with clasps and buttons or even pre-structured tops.

Tip: When opting for lace-up corsets, remember to break into them for a day or two. Also, you may wear it for two hours at a time and lace them only as tightly as you want, while you should be able to breathe and move comfortably.

So, here are the four top ways to serve some looks this year with these options in hand.

1. Wear It as a Crop Top

The natural length of corsets lends itself perfectly to being a crop top or bralette. They fall till right above or below your belly button, and the range of designs makes it fashionable and more than just loungewear.

The diversity in their styles also helps you customise how casual or formal you want the look to be. So, for a simple night out, you can pair a bright one with a skirt or trousers. And if you are looking for something more formal, try a lacy one in a neutral tone or a visible structured one with mesh under a blazer or pantsuit.

2. Layer It With a Dress

Get creative and use your bustier to add shape to your favourite maxi dress. And while long-sleeved dresses are perfect to pair with Elizabethan corsets, you are free to experiment with exciting colours, shapes, and patterns.

Another tip for the season is finding complementing fabrics to layer on each other. For instance, a denim bustier on simple chiffon or voile. You can also think of further layering, using a shirt or an edgy jacket.

3. Wear It Over a Shirt

You cannot go wrong with wearing a chic corset on an oversized white shirt. It is a classic look that you can dress up or down, depending on the occasion.

You can add some black (leather if you are up for it) pants with some stilettos and pull off a classy look in a professional setting. Otherwise, you can also wear it as a structured shirt dress and throw on some knee-high boots to complete the outfit.

4. Play With Colours

Corsets provide exciting shapes for you to play with. And the diversity in appearance allows you to style monochrome outfits without fear of it being boring.

So if you want a brighter fit, you can always do so with pants that match the colour of your bright bustier and use a blazer or jacket to colour block. However, wearing all-white outfits with maybe one element of off-white or cream is also very in currently.

Corsets are an incredibly versatile wardrobe piece that you can dress up for your occasion or pull together a really low effort look by adding a leather jacket. This is why you need to have at least one of them in your closet this year. So, unleash your creative side and get experimental!

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