4 Different Ways to Wear Your Chain Wallet

4 Different Ways to Wear Your Chain Wallet

Are you looking to take a new step into fashion with a chain wallet? These simple pieces can spice up your outfit and be functional.

How should you wear them? We have just what you need!

Whether you’re going for the biker style or want an easy-to-add point to your outfit, a chain wallet is a great option. You can hang, stack, or wrap it. It all depends on what outfit you want to build.

Are you interested in knowing more? We’ll give you four easy ways to wear a chain wallet. Let’s start!

What Is a Chain Wallet?

In case this is new to you, we’ll give you a brief explanation of a chain wallet. It’s usually a trifold or bifold wallet with a chain attached to the fold.

There are many benefits of having chain wallets. One includes that the wallet is often sturdier than regular wallets. This is to keep the chain from damaging it. At the same time, it’s a convenient piece for those who want to grab their wallet with a single pull.

You can check out this page on chain wallet to learn more! Now, let’s move on to how to wear a chain wallet.

  1. Wrapped Around Your Waist

The most common way to wear a chain wallet is by wrapping it around your waist.

You must wrap the chain through your belt or belt loop for this method. Then, you can place your wallet either in your front or back pocket.

  1. Across Your Body

You can wrap it across your body if you have a pretty long chain wallet. Note that this method is easier to do if you have a bag.

First, you must loop the chain to your bag strap or hardware. Let it run across your body to the pocket opposite the side where you attached the chain.

  1. Like a Neck Chain

Many chain wallet styles are available, so you might come across one that resembles a necklace or bag. With that, you can wear it the way you see it!

Attach the end of the chain to the other end, close to the wallet, then wear the loop around your neck. If both ends are already on the wallet, you only need to wear them.

  1. Stacked With More Chains

You can’t go wrong with stacking more chains on chains! Wear it whichever you like, then add another chain or two to elevate the look even more. It works well even if you only have it around your waist.

Level Up Your Style With a Chain Wallet!

A chain wallet can do wonders when it comes to style and functionality. It’s convenient, secure, and fashionable! It’s also easy to assemble, whatever type you aim for.

So what are you waiting for? Get a chain wallet, try our tips, and check out more on our blog.

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